Buying or Renting?


The Carlyle Association does not endorse any particular sales method or agent. Prospective buyers may contact any realtor for listings, or use other methods.


Those who lease a Residence at The Carlyle lease from private owners, not from the Association. Owners advertise, use agents, and other methods for finding tenants and managing their property.

The Association conducts standard background checks on each prospective tenant of Owners’ units. After a background check is completed, results are forwarded to the Association and Owner of the unit for evaluation and approval.

In addition to an approved background check, the Association also requires certain completed documentation before a unit can be rented, including a copy of the executed lease, executed lease addendum, and an executed copy of the “Owners and Their Tenants at The Carlyle” from the owner.  Once received, the freight elevator can be reserved with the Front Desk. Prior to moving in, the Association will also require a completed Request for Information form.
Below are links to the forms that are required for rental of a unit as referenced above. The document packet should be submitted to the Owner or agent. The Owner is responsible for ensuring completed documents are submitted to the Association.

Click Here for application for occupancy for each adult applicant; Click Here for background check for each adult applicant; Include a check for $75 per person payable to FirstService Residential for each adult applicant who will be living in the unit. Click Here for the Association’s disclosure statement “Owners and Their Tenants at The Carlyle” to be signed by applicants.  Click Here for a copy of the lease addendum to be signed by renters and owners.
Click Here for a copy of the request for information form.

Please contact the owner for a current copy of the Rules and Regulations.